Montblanc’s first true wireless headphones look great, aren’t cheap

While Montblanc may have made a name for itself in pricey pens and luxury leather goods, its penchant for the finer things in life has found it with smartwatches and over-ear headphones in its offering. Now, it’s adding its first pair of true wireless headphones to that line up, in the rather smart shape of the MTB 03.

Inspired by the signature aesthetics of the classic Montblanc Meisterstück pen, the MTB 03 in-ear headphones are made from a black, lightweight resin, with the iconic Montblanc emblem on each earbud and a chrome ring engraved with the Montblanc name around the side.

The charging case doesn’t let the side down either and is crafted from cool, black-coated aluminum, with another Montblanc emblem on the lid for good measure.

While it’s perhaps no surprise that Montblanc has the design brief nailed, it hasn’t left the sound side to chance. Axel Grell – the man behind Sennheiser’s headphones for over 30 years – has been tasked with fine tuning the sound and hardware for the Montblanc audience.

The result is the Montblanc Sound Signature, a balanced sound that the brand says will work in partnership with an audio customization process, tweaking the sound for each listener’s ears.

Features look to be on point too, with wireless charging, active noise cancellation and water resistance all on board, as well as touch controls on each earbud for music playback and answering calls.

As for the price, the MTB 03 will cost $445/£345. Well, you weren’t expecting these to be cheap were you?

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